Online Interactive Educational Professional Development Sessions

Fall 2021

Foundations of Reading Success Beyond Primary Grades​

Tuesday October 5, 2021
Cost: $101.31 CA
Facilitated by: Michelle PantelA key element of reading is decoding, but how do you teach it when a student is no longer in grade 1? We have many students in upper elementary, middle years and high school that would benefit from explicit reading instruction. This session will examine how to explicitly support decoding through a responsive practice to build up a student to become a successful reader.

English Language Learners in Math

Thursday, October 7, 2021 
Cost: $56.76 CA
Facilitated by: Terry Johanson & Michelle PantelMore than “just good teaching” in mathematics, our English Language Learners (ELLs) benefit from specific strategies and instructional design to support their learning.  These two sessions will include similar strategies but will focus on grade appropriate mathematic examples.

Student Self-Assessment and Goal Setting

Thursday , October 14, 2021
Cost: $56.76 CA
Facilitated by: Michelle Pantel

Encouraging students to self reflect and be motivated to learn is an ongoing battle that teachers face in all subject areas.  How might we empower students to own their academic growth.  This online session focuses on how to create classroom structures and routines that encourage students to self assess and set goals for their success.

Other Sessions of Interest

Other Sessions in October and November

I work with a team of educational consultants who have wonderful knowledge to share.  If you are interested in attending a number of interactive online sessions, you might be interested in the Passport for Individuals. Check out these other professional development opportunities by clicking on the link below to find more information.  Tell Terry that Michelle sent you.